The cover and imagery for PAPER’s June 2022 COACH x Pride Digital Cover featuring Saucy Santana

I created all of the post-production graphic design elements for this project.

The primary objective was to create a magazine cover for PAPER that was as vibrant and colorful as Saucy Santana and COACH's Pride Collection. The cover needed to depict Saucy Santana experiencing a golf course and enjoying some afternoon tea, reflecting the playful and celebratory spirit of Pride.

Tools and Technologies Used: Adobe Photoshop
June 2022

Photography: Xavier Luggage
Graphic Design: Will Schlesinger
Styling: Danasia Sutton, Marlon Mizrahi
Barber: Fox
Makeup: Nikko Anthony
Nails: Saccia
Video Director: Symone Ridgell
DOP: Ricardo Martinez
Set Design: Eric Vidmar, Skye Whitley Guzman, Marie Sommers
Photo Assistant: Garrett Alvarado
Retouching: Matty So
Production: Amanda Kahle

JULY 2024