At the launch of NFT Oasis (nftoasis.co), a company creating the founding members of the metaverse, I aided in the blueprinting of their brand visuals across socials with the focus of promoting their luxury virtual penthouse NFTs.

Our team was tasked to help the NFT Oasis team develop their visual identity via social content and beyond over the course of 6 months. Their goal is to educate, inspire and create a thriving ecosystem for creators, investors, and viewers to enjoy the metaverse through a utopian future of blockchain possibilities.
My role included concepting visual directions, executing designs both static and animated, working directly with clientele, attending clientele-facing meetings, intaking and implementing critical feedback, and market research.

Results include the sale of over 40 virtual penthouses generating over $500,000 in sales.

Software used: Photoshop, After Effects

Mood board highlights:

Digital key assets were sent out to every penthouse investor custom-designed to fit their city.
Digital key asset container inspiration.

NFT Oasis holds weekly art walks to promote artists in the community. In the spirit of futurism and the “Oasis”, I created feed and story social assets
to advertise these events. I started in photoshop and exported each layer into After Effects to animate.

Digital invitation sent to investors.
Digital invitation asset was inspired by the potential of utopian relationships between machine and nature. (i.e. Bastion from Overwatch).
JULY 2024