Metro Boomin for Wonderland Magazine’s Summer 2024 Issue

In this project, I was responsible for all post-production graphic design elements. 

I wanted to push the boundaries of royalty-free Generative AI and my editing skills to create a bit of a case study. The initial AI outputs were rough, but by combining them with editing software, imagery, and other specialized AI tools, I was able to create a cool immersive environment.

Tools and Technologies Used: Adobe Photoshop, multiple Generative AI platforms
Credits (Instagram):
Photography by @xavierluggage
Graphic design by Will Schlesinger (me)
Styling by @fatima
Interview by @nav
Words by @ericarana
Grooming by @cottonball
Editorial Director @charlottejmorton
Editor In Chief @toniblaze
Senior Editor @ellabardsley_
Editor @ericarana
Features Editor @tibbitsben
Deputy Editor @ellaxwest
Creative Director @jeffreythomson
Art Director @livi.av
Contributing Art Director @mike.w.morton
Assistant Art Director @beth1owri
Fashion Director @abigailhazard
Production Director @bencrankbencrank
Production Assistant Lola Randall
Photography assistant @runningfromdogs
Retouching by @aarronphotography

Wonderland article can be viewed here along with an interview between Nav and Metro:
Link To Article

JULY 2024