In this personal project, I explored the capabilities of text-to-image generative AI, leveraging various AI tools to create visually compelling and unique artwork.

The primary objective was to delve into the potential of generative AI for creating innovative art. This involved:
  • Experimenting with different text-to-image AI tools to understand their strengths and limitations.
  • Combining and refining AI-generated visuals to produce cohesive and aesthetically pleasing artwork.
  • Enhancing the AI-generated images with Photoshop to add details, improve quality, and bring the final pieces to life.

Tools and Technologies Used:
  • Various text-to-image AI models.
  • Adobe Photoshop for post-processing and enhancement.

The above is a selection from my first exploration of early Generative AI back in May of 2022. This was the result of a Google Colab project that took an image input and generated a series of images that, over time, transitioned the piece into the style of a text input (e.g., “Takashi Murakami”).

JULY 2024